Starting again…

I wanted to also share this story here, which I shared on my FB page this morning and have my first OFFICIAL Blog post!! Gulp…

Ok, so I am going to get a little personal story on my page today. Usually, if you know me in person, I am a silly outgoing goof and tend to be more shy on my FB page (can’t quite figure out that one! HA!) BUT, I had something happen to me that really made me see something in a different light.

I just posted a few days ago about losing my MOJO and wondering if you all had seen him? he he he (I made light of this but seriously, I was wondering where the heck he went? GAHHH) (heart palpitations)

Well, my story begins with this… last week I joined a gym (in my head, I am like, WHAT am I thinking?? Just one more thing to add to my already busy schedule) Well, I am doing this because I HAVE to get healthy for myself and for my kids.

On to my story, it relates, I promise. So while I was about to start my walking I noticed an elderly man next to me who I had seen earlier (he had told me to be careful because they make people leave in wheelchairs…because that’s how he leaves every day, in his wheelchair!!!) He cracked me up. Loved him from the start! (PS. he doesn’t really leave in a wheelchair, he was just kidding with me)

Well, I glanced over after I got up on my treadmill and he FELL!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! I screamed and rushed over to help him up! Yelled for some others to help and they came. And here he was the whole time saying “I’m ok, don’t worry, I will be alright, my foot just slipped and I am ok”… and we helped him up and he went on and said “thank you” and got onto another lower machine and started again. HE STARTED AGAIN…he did it. I, of course, am still at panic mode and yet quite inspired at the same time as he didn’t let that fall stop him. He was tough as nails and he started. THAT, my friends is what I NEEDED. Sometimes we are put in places for a reason and my reason was to know that all we have to do is pick up and START. We can all fall of our treadmills! It’s OK! My new elderly friend made me realize in THAT moment, that everything would be alright and that sometimes we all fall but we can all get up and start again. As many times as we need to!!
So, I had to share my story with you and hope that maybe this reaches someone else who may have lost their MOJO too! Mine is finding his way back. Have a HAPPY day ya’ll! xoxo, B

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